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Sunshine makes everything look better.

Especially when it feels every bit like spring outside. Right now ‘spring’ looks like mud and really gross snow and a full-on moat that must be traversed (and periodically bailed-out) to get to our apartment. Yes, ‘spring’ is probably going to get a bit worse before it gets better, this is especially taking into account The Great Dog Feces Thaw that is now in full effect throughout Bozeman (lovely, I know).

But! The sun is out, and it is warm to boot. I had a little sweater to finish for a little someone and after I was done sewing on the buttons I couldn’t help but get a little carried away with taking photos of some other luscious yarn. The colors couldn’t be more spring-like and tulip-hued- a very welcome contrast to this muddy, foul-odored mid-march day.

I’ve been struck by the knitting bug- in a big way. I think this is what happens when you get to a level that not too much intimidates you anymore. I’ve got way too many plans. I’m currently in the midst of another sweater, another one for me. After that, I’ll start to consider knitting things for other people again. I do wonder if knitters get to the point where they have too many knitted goods. I suppose you could ask the same thing of people who build model trains, or collects books. Maybe the answer is ‘no’. I’ll let you know if I ever feel like I have too many knitted things.

And, because we’re still waiting on flowers, I’m so happy to have found a dinner set at a local thrift store that brightens my kitchen. $12 for a set of 8 large plates, small plates and bowls. Flowers every day!


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The Great Lakes.

Now, where was I, and where did I leave off?

Michigan? I have a few things to say about Michigan- their lakes in particular. I have only ever seen the interior of Michigan- as I have family who lives outside of Lansing. We had a lovely visit with my brother, his wife and their 4 wonderful children. From there we headed up the shore of lake Michigan to a little town of Onekama (pronounced on-e-kama) where Nic’s sister, niece and step-mother live (not together, and with their partners).

After spending time in Chicago, lower north-western Michigan was a breath of fresh air- and lots of it too.

It’s too bad that these little ‘recap’ posts are in essence a summary of days of relaxation- but in the course of days, I had so many pleasant experiences that I came away with a pervasive sence of calm happiness. From trying to write about it I get the feeling that it might be pointless to go into detail with words that cannot express what I am trying to say. Please enjoy these photos and their brief descriptions.

Wild onions (ramps) found and foraged at Spirit of The Woods- a conservation project near Nic’s sister’s house. The ramps would later go on pizza and in scrambled eggs for breakfast.

Sunset over Lake Michigan. Lovely, except for all of the swarming bugs.

Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore- the first of two National Lakeshores that we saw. I climbed a huge dune to get this photo- it took about 20 minutes, maybe. Then I ran down. That took about 2 minutes.

Crossing over the Mackinac Bridge into the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It was here where I was attacked by mutant mosquitoes- they just love me.

Turtles on a log at Seney National Wildlife Refuge. We also saw loons, swans, geese, mergansers, muskrat and lots of miscellaneous waterfowl.

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore on Lake Superior. I was unprepared for the beauty and have pretty much entirely changed my opinion about the Great Lakes region. Actually, I really had no opinion about the region, and am very glad to have acquired a positive one.

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Spring market bag.

The arrival of spring (summer?) and the completion of this month’s project coincided perfectly. Just as the trees are beginning their greening, I was thinking about how I need more colorful accents in my clothing and accessories. But instead of budding out leaves and blossoms and such, I have actually created the thing that fits the bill perfectly.

Behold, the Market Bag by Portabellopixie (Sandi Henderson Design).

I must apologize to Meghan. We do a pretty good job optimizing out time together- as ‘hanging out’ always seems to be in addition to something else. She brought over this pattern as well as fabric and used my sewing machine to finish half of her bag (there are two different bags within the pattern package). I asked if I could also use the pattern to make a Market Bag of my own- and the only restriction on that was that I couldn’t finish my bag until she finished hers.

Well… I couldn’t help myself- I guess you could say I got carried away. I think I may have already made the statement about small projects being fun and manageable without being boring, which might have something to do with the fun new techniques I got to try out:
Top stitching
Using interfacing to strengthen the fabric
Making my own piping using cord
Attaching a clasp for the inside of the bag
I’ve got a few more projects in mind, so stay tuned. If I’m not spending time at work, in the sunshine, or in the kitchen, I’ll either be at my sewing machine or doing something else.

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