We’re in the planning stages of a garden (planning to plan, really). I called up my landlord to see if it would be alright to tear up a good chunk of the back yard- which doesn’t have much in the way of grass, but a lot in the way of weeds and non-grass foliage. After getting the go-ahead for tilling, I also inquired about chickens. I was pleasantly surprised when she said yes! That was Thursday, and today, Sunday, we went to pick up chicks from the chicken store (farm and ranch supply).

Luckily, we have friends that went through the whole chick-buying chapter of their life last year and thankfully, had all of the supplies we needed (water dispenser, food dispenser, bedding, heat lamp, deep tub). It really couldn’t have been more easy.

The household made a big jump today- almost tripling in size. Luckily these little gals don’t eat all that much… yet. Just for your reference (and mine as well), we one each of the following chickens: Araucuna, Black Jersey Giant, Buff Orphington, Light Brahma and Red Star. I’m fairly pleased at the selection that is offered at the chicken store.

Now we just need to build a chicken coop. I’d say we’ve probably got a month and half until we can no longer contain them in a plastic tub. Nothing spurs motivation quite like necessity.

Happy Spring!



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2 responses to “Chicks!

  1. Congratulations on your new additions. They are the cutest!

  2. kathy

    Could the chick in the first picture be called Emma? She just has that look about her. Thanks.

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