Man Mittens.

The last time I made mittens they were the most colorful and playful little things ever. I still wear them, especially if I want to venture out on a day like today. The internets say the high is 0 Farenheit, but I believe I saw a bank sign that advertised the temperature at 6. Maybe that was just in the sun.

The pattern is ‘Cruiser’ from The Daily Skein. When I was thinking about mittens for my man I had to take into account a couple of things.

1. He doesn’t like loud colors. His claim is that he doesn’t like drawing attention to himself- a result of his midwestern sensibilities.

2. I didn’t want to knit plain boring mittens.

3. I had to do something exciting that didn’t involve colors.

4. Without bringing to mind Bella’s mitts from ‘Twilight.

5. And then I came across the Cruiser.

Since the recipient of the mittens is determined to ride his bike through the winter, I decided that the least I could do (besides supporting a purchase of studded bike tires so that he doesn’t wreck and break his collar bone) was to knit him something warm.

But, because I am me, I had to add a little bit of color. I just couldn’t resist.


Happy New Year everyone!



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2 responses to “Man Mittens.

  1. I just discovered your blog after searching for some fingerless mitten patterns. Out of curiousity I went back and read many of your other posts and must confess that I’m a whole-hearted fan. Kudos on your blogging efforts! I will be a dedicated follower.

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