Home for the Holidays

Last year I did a lot of traveling for the holidays. We took a week-long whirl-wind through Oregon for Thanksgiving week. Sadly, I mostly remember the exhaustion from driving 10 hours from Bozeman to Portland (and back). The loving company of friends and family is a close second- but is still second.

Christmas was a little less whirl-windy but did involve air-travel from Montana. Montana is one of the most difficult places to fly in or out of. Thankfully the hubs of Denver and Salt Lake are readily available. This means that you’ll be facing at least one layover if you’re headed to another main hub. If, for example, you’re headed for Cleveland, Ohio, you’ll have at least 2 layovers. Alas, this is something you resign yourself to and accept a day spend in airports (did you know the Charlottesville (I think?) airport in North Carolina has rocking chairs available to those who can spare the time- we couldn’t). For me, Christmastime in Ohio also meant meeting new family. The family is, of course, wonderful and generous and made me feel like part of the family, but is still a different dynamic from the folks back home.

I am not complaining about last year’s holidays at all- I am just stating why I am so excited to be spending the holidays this year not going anywhere. And by not going anywhere I mean staying within the state and not checking luggage. While we will be spending the Christmas weekend with Nic’s mother outside of Billings, the run-up to Christmas will be spent well within our basement apartment walls. I am bound and determined to be as festive and cheerful as any Christmas elf should be. I will do this by crafting and decorating and cooking and baking and sending tidings of comfort and joy to all corners of the United States and beyond to friends and family who are distant but still close to my heart.

Here are a couple of items that are in the ‘finished’ or ‘almost finished’ pile of Christmas gifts (sorry to sort-of spoil the surprise).


Also, on one last note, I’ve helped start the Bozeman chapter of Mustaches for Kids. The Mustaches are in their last week of growing for donorschoose.org. Do me, them, and the schoolchildren of Montana a favor and throw $20 their way (or whatever you can afford). I’d greatly appreciate it. www.donorschoose.org/m4kbozeman


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  1. Fantastic blog! Your food dishes (squash ravioli!) look great.

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