Just in time.

I’m now 2 for 2 as far as consecutive (adult) sweaters and years. Last year there was this gem, and my first actual garment. Now, just in time for the snow and the cold, this:

The other great thing about this sweater (compared to my last one) is that it was knit in one piece. So, instead of having 5 large pieces to seam up, there was nothing extra to do except to sew on the buttons.I also really love the asymmetry of the piece: the off centered buttonhole band and, especially, the cables.

The cardigan called for a ribbon interfacing on the insides of the button hole band. For the life of me, I can’t find any nice ribbon in this mountain town (perhaps I just don’t know where to look, or I might just be too picky). I then remembered that I HAD ribbon- a gift from Nic- that I don’t remember unpacking. I almost tore apart the back room looking for the mysterious ribbon that I hadn’t laid eyes on in well over a year, and the manic, but fruitless search for ribbon reinforced my resolve to either burn everything in the back room, or begin upon an epic cleaning binge. The binge hasn’t quite happened yet- for my sanity it might be better to do it in bits and spurts. However, I did pull out a dresser that was less than useful and burned that to ashes as a warning to the rest of the back room to shape-up. This was not only an excellent decision for reasons of stress-relief, but also a great way to get some pent-up aggression out. I highly recommend burning some furniture if you have a useless piece readily available to you.

Anyway, back to the sweater. Isn’t it lovely? I splurged on some super-cushy merino yarn that I would only be more pleased with if they hadn’t knotted the yarn sporadically througout the ball.

So. The sweater was finished and the snow fell as did the temperature outside. Yesterday, I decided not to go outside, and so needed something else to occupy my time- more knitting! I have purchased the French Press Slipper pattern in hopes of becoming a little slipper factory for certain people for the holidays but didn’t want to leave my house in search of more yarn. I don’t subscribe to the yarn stash club just yet- as my financial situation prevents me from buying up yarn, willy nilly, without a pattern in mind. However, I do have a small bag with some remnants from other projects- where I found some yarn that is perfect for felting. In this bag I also discovered the ribbon that I tore apart the room looking for over a week ago. Of course, it’s perfectly logical to put ribbon in a yarn bag.

Also, in the future, I plan on posting some projects-in-process photos so that it won’t be so long between posts.



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8 responses to “Just in time.

  1. amanda

    I am so impressed. wowzer woman! that is a beauty

  2. Aunt Kathy

    Very snazzy! Does it have a name?

  3. beautiful sweater! I too, love the asymmetry of the button band. nicely done lady. also, I’ve had an eye on the french press slippers for a while. let me know how they turn out!

  4. Sarah, your sweater is fantastic! You are a knitting goddess. Here’s to you (I’m raising an imaginary champagne glass.) Come visit me in Vermont and we can craft together while the snow falls outside…Pretty great idea, no? I heart you.

  5. Thanks everyone!
    Kathy- it doesn’t have a name… I’m taking suggestions?
    Hannah- French Press Slippers are flying off the needles. One pair complete- and I think it’s pretty adorable.
    Marisa- Vermont sounds like a great idea. All I need is airfare out there. I’ll start saving my pennies today!

  6. Anna

    Wow! I am super impressed… I have yet to go down the sweater route. Maybe 2011 will be there year… you’ve inspired me!

  7. Teri

    Hi Sarah – Beautiful sweater. What, may I ask, is the pattern?

    I’m about to start my first sweater just for ME ME ME. Three kid/baby sweaters have given me the confidence I needed to buy 6 skeins of lovely yarn (Puffin, by Quince and Co) and tackle the Oatmeal sweater.

    But I really love this cardigan that you’ve knit up for yourself and would love more info on it.

    • Hi Teri,
      The pattern is Apple Strudel and I think was published in England. I only got my hands on it b/c my boyfriend’s mom is also a knitter and somehow had it on hand! I’m so excited for your project (especially your Quince & CO yarn).

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