Simple Pleasures

As summer comes to an end in Bozeman (who knows when it will snow? Next month? Probably), I have decided to try to capture the essence of summer in the few short days I have left. I am quite sure I am not the only one to do this as Labor Day is a calendaric (did I just make up a word?) reminder of the season’s passing.

Even as some morning have that familiar briskness to them, I am determined not to forget simple summer pleasures like:

  • grilling pizza (please, oh please, give it a try)
  • sleeping in a tent
  • hiking up a mountain
  • flying a kite
  • picking fresh zucchini from your garden for dinner
  • trading cupcakes for produce at the farmers market
  • jumping on a trampoline
  • or reading a whole book in a weekend

I would like to state them here, lest I forget.

One thing I have yet to do (and so it does not go on the list above) is to play croquet. While I aspire to be the proud owner of a croquet set like this one, I was gifted a well-weathered one that is missing a ball and might give you splinters- I couldn’t be more pleased. There will be croquet, oh yes, there will be croquet.

And speaking of simple pleasures, I once again turn to knitting. I picked up a knitting project that had been dormant for about a year. I began knitting this lace when the yarn was gifted to me. I was mightily intimidated by it and the concentration required was an effort that left me exhausted- not relaxed- which is sort of the point of knitting. In preparation for my California trip (the night before), I scrambled for something to do on the plane. I needed something compact, lightweight and potentially endless. Lace is perfect for this.  Lace works out in the way that maximizes alone-time, requiring total concentration, few distractions and ultimate patience. Perfect for airplanes and buses. I suppose one upside of knitting a sweater is that one’s knitting endurance and methodology will increase- which is really transferable to the next project.

I hope your summer is A. longer than mine and B. filled with all sorts of simple pleasures.



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3 responses to “Simple Pleasures

  1. Love the color of your lace. It feels like winter here today… 1pm and only 49 degrees and cloudy. I want to turn the heater on but I’m fighting the urge. I don’t want summer to end just yet!

  2. Emily Bauska

    There will be at least one more nice day. When it arrives, Croquet + J(ean sh)ORTS!

    This is a must.

  3. Joyce

    I saw these of a free crochet web site and thought of you…..…. David said to tell you hi…he left on Cycle Oregon for a week……joyce

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