Thoughts on Radishes.

I’ll be the first to admit I can be swayed by a good argument- though it had to be a darn good one. Though I was never too good at geometry and proofs- I do appreciate the logic involved in the ‘if, then’ statements. I take a fairly logical approach to my daily life, which became apparant to me when I started trying to explain simple logic to my 7 year-old neighbor. As soon as I start talking about cause and effect relationships she conveniently gets distracted by something a lot more interesting than someone almost 20 years her senior trying to explain how the world works. Sometimes I wonder why I didn’t study more philosophy, or science.

I didn’t used to like radishes. I’m not sure why, perhaps it had something to do with the un-surprising white innards that were, surprisingly, peppery. I did not appreciate radishes when I was a child- much like tomatoes and asparagus, these vegetables have grown on me, and in the case of radishes, has a lot to do with one blog in particular, one blog post in particular- On rewards and radishes by Orangette.

I don’t remember exactly when I read about the combination of bread, butter, radishes and salt but I have had it in the back of my mind for a while now, and since radishes are in season, and I managed to trade cupcakes for produce last week, I thought I would set out and compose a simply elegant meal.

Which, by the way, is mighty close to perfection. In their prime, radishes are equally brilliant in their color, texture and flavor.  Combine that brilliance with the smoothness of butter, the crunch of a good baguette and the melding power of salt, you really can’t go wrong.


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  1. Impatient Annon.

    Hey! There are people out here reading who want more. That’s all I’ve got to give, but you must more?

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