One day in Chicago.

Montana was making me so angry, what with the snow in May. So, we left and went to the midwest- land of springtime, sunshine and lakes. This is hopefully one of several posts as I have a lot to say about this area of the country that I have not (until now) had the opportunity to explore. The midwest is an area that I may have harshly pre-judged and while on this trip, I happily changed my opinion. Last time I was in the area was when I still under the auspices of my parents and had neither the ability or the wherewithal to know what I wanted to see and do in this area.What I do remember of the midwest was the flat landscape and monocrops of corn and soybeans that blanket the landscapes, charming fireflies and stifling humidity. I was completely unaware of the beauty of lakes- great and otherwise. Where I lucked out this time was that I was with a tour guide who grew up outside of Chicago, and spent summers at his grandparents lake house that looks out over Lake Michigan.

Several days were spent outside of Chicago due to Nic’s brother getting hitched, and much of our time spent in the Chicago area was spent in the suburb of Glen Ellyn. I did not think it was too much to ask to go into the city for a day, especially since I had never been there before. After living in Montana for almost a year, I had sort-of forgotten what it was like to be in a densely populated area. The humidity was also a force to be reckoned with, but so were the tacos at Big Star in Wicker Park, the Art Institute and a damn fine cappuccino from the folks at Intelligentsia Coffee.

Nic’s sister used to live in Boys Town and claimed to know of the best Thai food in the area. I chowed down on good Pad Thai because I knew that it would be a while before I got the opportunity again. All in all Chicago was a good excuse to eat and be merry and get a little culture while we were there. We also ducked into the Chicago Cultural Center to see the largest Tiffany Dome and I purchased a pair of cheap new sunglasses.

My legs were sore for several days after our tour de Chicago, which I took to mean that I got as much out of them in one day that I could have.


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