Cake Decorating

I have completed course 1 of the Wilton Method of cake decorating. I decided it was a good idea to take a cake decorating class, you know, to learn the basics. The basics include learning how to create sweet and lovely flowers, as well as, apparently, little frosting clowns. I did learn some very useful tips which will soon be applied to my summer project. The reason I took this class is because very soon I will be selling cupcakes at the Bogert Farmers Market on Tuesdays, beginning June 1 and ending September 21. That’s 17 consecutive weeks of cupcake sales… starting in T-minus 4 weeks!

I am excited about this for multiple reasons:

I am following my dreams

I am baking cupcakes

I am, essentially, holding a grown-up bake sale

I’m only the slightest bit sheepish about jumping on the nationwide cupcake-craze bandwagon, but isn’t that what entrepreneurship is all about? Plus, who doesn’t love cupcakes?!

The biggest challenge I had with this little enterprise was finding a licensed kitchen to prepare dairy-based frosting. The health department only allows homemade frosting if there is no dairy involved (read: Crisco and margarine). Being the person of high standards that I am, I briefly toyed around with making vegan frosting out of margarine. However, I always came down to the same conclusion- butter is better- not to mention the joys of cream cheese frosting (especially on little zucchini cupcakes), and ganache!

After a very disheartening conversation with one prospective venue (“yes, you can use our facilities, that’ll be $10/hour and no less than one million dollars in liability insurance”), I found the most accommodating place to make frosting- the Emerson Center for the Arts & Culture. The Emerson ballroom kitchen is only a catering kitchen and as such, is not equipped with an oven- so I won’t be baking any cupcakes. I will, however, be mixing up all sorts of delicious and lovely frostings- in compliance with health code- and baking my cupcakes at home. This particular arrangement is more than worth it to me to.

Oh, you might also be wondering about the name of my little cupcake stand- Sassy Cupcake!

Sassy Cupcake will be offering the basics (chocolate and vanilla) on a weekly basis, and also throwing in one or two specialty cupcakes, depending on demand, feasibility and seasonality.



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3 responses to “Cake Decorating

  1. youngwifey

    I love cupcakes too. Sounds like a great plan! Good luck with your stand!

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