Pots and Seeds.

I am a farmer’s daughter but I lack the experience of gardening. Sometimes I feel like I am a case study of how and why the United States is where it is with its corporate farms and corn-in-everything standard pantry items. I grew up on the farm and then moved to the city for college and the hip urban lifestyle. Sometimes I feel like bringing back the family farm and the Victory garden is my own personal responsibility.

However, as many of the young, urban types these days (though I am less urban than I used to be), we are more interested in building our own food security and are concerned with local, organic and family-owned food sources. It is here, in Montana, in Zone 4, that I have decided to try gardening. I couldn’t do this in Oregon where all you have to do to make something grow is to accidently stick it in the ground, no, I had to choose the place where the last frost is in early May and sometimes it snows in June. What can I say, I like a challenge.

Not knowing too much about gardening myself, I’m glad to be co-habitating with an experienced gardener. Nic is a good one to have around as a consultant as well as for inspiration. I bought him a paper pot maker off of etsy.com which I put to work today. I used up our stash of newspaper this morning making adorable little paper pots.

Then I got to spend my afternoon planting seeds. Armed with 50 little paper pots, a bag of soil and a clutch of seeds (fun fact: did you know you could buy vegetable seeds with food stamps?), I sat on our front steps and planted 4 different kinds of tomatoes, zucchini, amaranth, peas, beans, pumpkins, peppers and several other seed types. I got all kinds of excited as I started envisioning juicy tomatoes, zucchini flowers and fresh corn. I started planning garden schematics in my head and wishing for more spring-like weather. I am hands-down absolutely giddy about creating, cultivating and harvesting my very own garden.


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