Belated Birthday Sweater

This sweater is for little Beck Otis. He turned 1 on March 1. It goes without saying (but I’m going to say it anyway) that it is a belated gift. The good thing about babies is they are not too familiar with birthdays or, thankfully, the virtue of a timely gift. The Smith-Reichmuth family has recently made a temporary move down to California. I hope that there are still enough chilly evenings left in California springtime that this sweater will get some wear.

Beck's baby sweater

I intended to send this sweater off to the recipient in early March- but there was a little hitch in my plan- a zipper. Not having too much experience with zippers, I first bought a non-separating zipper and was quite surprised when it did not separate (I did not purchase the zipper with the knowledge that it did not, in fact, separate). It then took me another 3 weeks to make another attempt at zipper-purchasing. Elizabeth Zimmermann mentioned in her book, Knitting Without Tears (where this pattern came from) that the strength of the zipper is in the zipper and not the seam where the zipper meets the knitted fabric. So I adjusted the sewing machine and carried on my merry way. It was a bit tricky matching up the two sides of the sweater- especially when taking into account a single stripe around the waist.

The great thing about garter stitch is that it will stretch with the wearer to incredible lengths, or so I am told. After I blocked the sweater I was surprised at how much bigger it looked. I hope it will be able to follow Beck into next fall and winter.

Happy belated birthday!


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  1. The sweater is PERFECT and will surely work next fall too! You are amazing and Beck thanks you!

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