Well, this is a change.

Welcome to my new blog home. I sure do hope you like it.

I’ve decided to move my blog for several reasons- I will only bore you with one reason.  This reason has to do with the name. I realize that ‘Surviving The Raging Twenties’ was flawed in a few key ways:

1. I will not be in my twenties forever. While I do not know if blogging and I will be together in 4 years when I turn 30 (yikes!) or beyond, it’s probably good to keep that option open.

2. ‘Raging’ was a poor word choice.

3. The url did not match the blog name, which was another poor choice. I already feel better about Sassy Cupcake for this sub-reason alone.

4. It’s best to switch sites while you don’t have too many readers- this is another unknown, and a very optimistic view of my future in blogging, but so be it.

I chose WordPress because ‘Sassy Cupcake’ was unavailable over at Blogger. Your loss Blogger- this site will be the best Sassy Cupcake blog ever! It’s also good to change things up every now and again. Sometimes I’m not good at that, change that is. But today I took the initiative.

Anyway. Thanks for visiting.


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