Tired fingers

Here are some knits that I’ve been working on. Below you will find Nic’s sweater. It’s more of a cardigan, really, and (when complete) will have elbow and shoulder patches, embossed lion buttons and a collar. It will be quite fancy, really. As you can see, I’ve finished with the back panel and am now working on the left side.
The sweater calls for 9 skeins of yarn- and at 220 yards in each skein, that’s… oh… 1980 yards. or 19 football field lengths or 1.12 miles. I haven’t calculated the rate at which I knit, but when I do I’ll let you know. Let’s just say it will take me a bit- though with a couple of long travel days (to Ohio and back) I just might get a lot done.

I think I am becoming a real knitter due to the fact that I finally was able to start (and finish) something else. Just like there are process knitters and project knitters, so too are there knitters who have 18 1/2 finished projects and those who knit just one project at a time. Well, the time has come that I have forayed into the former category. While knitting a sweater is quite relaxing and challenging at the same time, it is a lot of the same- same color, same stitch, same yarn and so there comes a point when you’d like to see faster results and, you know, shake things up a bit.

This is actually a little gift, and as such I have not revealed the true nature of the object. I will say that it took a weekend and was a lot of fun (cables!!!). It also included my first buttonhole!

Save travels to everyone who is venturing out during this second half of December.



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2 responses to “Tired fingers

  1. Sarah, you are so amazing! Way to go on your projects. Love seeing the pictures of what you're working on 🙂 Safe travels!

  2. mum

    Recipent of gift was wearing it today! It looks just as beautiful as the picture showed, and she LOVES it!

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