Squirrel Mittens.

It is snowing here today. It also snowed on Wednesday, September 30. As I stood by the window at work, amazed and somewhat concerned, a co-worker told me if I stuck around Montana long enough I might be lucky to see snow in July. It was on Wednesday when I decided I needed to finish my mittens.

The aptly named Squirrel and Oak mittens were a nice foray into my first color work project. I accidentally knit 3 mittens throughout the mitten-knitting process. The first squirrel mitten was knit too tight and no matter how much I tried to stretch it out it wasn’t going to do, especially after I knit up the oak mitten- which turned out to be an inch larger the squirrel mitten. I could either have had a mis-matched pair of mittens or knit a third to match the second and scrap the first. So I knit another squirrel mitten.

When I first learned to knit, I learned the English knitting style, where the yarn is held in the right hand. After a long knitting hiatus I re-learned in the Continental knitting style. While I didn’t do much research onto the technique for knitting with two threads, I held one yarn in my left hand (Continental) and one in my right (English). It worked out quite well. I feel that otherwise it may have become a tangled mess.

Anyway, enough with technique, I can’t quite get over how adorable they are! Bring on the Fall.



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3 responses to “Squirrel Mittens.

  1. mum

    I'm constantly amazed at the depth of my daughter's talents!Your mittens are just spectacular…..

  2. Sarah – They are so cute! Randi told me I had to check out your squirrel mittens. I'm inspired!BTW – I knit with two colors the same way you described. No one ever taught that to me – just seemed intuitive!Hope you're enjoying Montana.

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