Day 13: The End

It was a fresh out of the oven snicker doodle cookie that did it.

Audrey an I had a serious conversation about the allowance of things that we knew we shouldn’t be depriving ourselves of- red wine, dark chocolate and butter (to name three).

We applauded ourselves for being so strong, but agreed that we were tired, and we had a void that could only be filled by the foods we were denying ourself of. The detox promised to clear my head and give me more energy. I think it did those things, to an extent. Mostly… mostly it was a test of endurance and willpower. I really could have gone on for another week- it’s not that I couldn’t, it’s that I didn’t want to. Check. I learned that I am above temptation (even with a candy bowl staring me in the face every day).

So. Now that is behind me, I am in need of a new project. I have been meaning to get my sewing machine fixed… and would like to attempt a quilt. I tried once before in middle school- alas. That was middle school. I completed 7 squares. I am older, wiser and more dedicated and am able to beat the pants off my 13 year old self.


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